New York Conferences 2023 - International Conference on Image Processing
September 1-3, 2023
New York City

Submission Guidelines

We accept files in .docx/.doc/.pdf/Latex Pdf format - as per the call for papers schedule.
Papers should be thoroughly checked and proofread before submission. After you have submitted your article you are unable to make any changes to it during the refereeing process—although if accepted, you will have a chance to make minor revisions after refereeing and before the final submission of your paper.
Formatting Guidelines

Paper content must be original and relevant to one of the many conference topics.
Authors are required to ensure accuracy of quotations, citations, diagrams, maps, and tables.
Figures and tables need to be placed where they are to appear in the text and must be clear and easy to view.
Papers must follow format according to the template which will be sent to accepted papers.
Topics of interest for submission include but are not limited to:
Vision-assisted Robotic System
Bar Code and QR Code Scanner / Reader
Social Websites and Apps Development (For instance: Instagram and Snapchat)
iPhone’s Face Recognition and Unlock System
Digital-based Computational photography
Automated assembly based on Sensor for Object Detection
Advance Processing of Astronomical or Planetary images (For instance: Images of Space Probe and Hubble Telescope Pictures)
Remote Sensing and Visual Interpretation (For instance: Satellite and Aerial Image)
Automated Optical or Handwritten Character Recognition (For instance: License Plate and Zip Code)
Industrial Manufacturing Applications (For instance: Product Optical Sorting and Assessment)
Biometric Authentication Technologies (For instance: Face, Iris and Finger Print Identification)
Bio-Medical Imaging and Processing (For instance: Blood Cell Microscope Images and Chest Radiograph Interpretation)
Applications: Advanced Optimization Methods for Multi-variable problems
Object Detection in Real-time Video Streaming
DL assisted Video Analysis
Learning-based Object Identification
Object Classification Using Learning Techniques
Advance Security System using Image Processing
Bag-of-Features Method for Image Classification
Medical Fusion Methods for Image enhancements
Custom based Bag of Features / Models for Image Retrieval
Algorithms in Image Processing